The Heart of Robin Hood @ The Wallis Annenberg

Brayden says:

“Wallis’ production of “The Heart of Robin Hood,” was mostly a home run. The beautiful scenic design by Bokur Jonsson was functional, playful and an absolute work of art. We really enjoyed watching the actors take pleasure in sliding down the grass slides on both sides of the set. In fact, we were mostly jealous WE couldn’t slide with them. Overall, the casting was completely spot on throughout. Daniel Franzese (of Mean Girls’ fame) proved he could easily take on the laudable jester role. Overall the show had a great joyful spirit with fun music and lively visuals.”

Chelsey says:

“The Heart of Robin Hood was an exciting modern retelling of the classic tale with a show-stealing set, a warm musical through line, and the audacity to portray Robin Hood as a thief whose heart was given to him by the grace of the true hero, Maid Marion.”

Kristin says:

“From the moment I walked into the theater I was transported to Sherwood Forest. The stage was a wash of textured mossy greenery, while birds chirped overhead. I was delighted as actors literally slid down the moss to enter the stage, popped up through a mini pond, or dangled from forest vines. ¬†Between scenes we were treated to lively folk/indie melodies, sung by the fabulous Salka Sol. The belly laughs were as plentiful as the muscles, and muscles were aplenty. ¬†The show was stolen by Daniel Franzese, who played Pierre. His comedic timing and physicality went above and beyond. The talented cast left a smile on my face for days, and wanting to come back to the forest again and again.”